Welcome to the Alentejo

"The plain appears in solemn tones, born of a fertile earth where hope calls a dawn chorus to every southern man who still resists. The calm land captures my eyes with endless wheat coloured spaces, earthen roots, in a dream that shelters me from the painful yearning that pierces my soul.  My dream and the distance take flight, beginning where I stand, from my childhood, eternal prisoner of its space. And from the plain that gave life to me, I will ask for protection when I return forever to its embrace." Orlando Fernandes in Alentejo… e Outros Poemas.

The town of Redondo

A Portuguese town with 7800 residents situated in the Évora district, Alentejo region and sub region of Central Alentejo, 35 km from Évora.
According to legend the town was founded around the “Redondo boulder” which formed part of the primitive medieval wall. Curiously, at the beginning of the 15th century, the town of Redondo, previously an obligatory stop for travelers from Évora, Vila Viçosa and Alandral, was practically depopulated. At the request of town officials D.João I in 1418 prohibited the use of any other local routes, forcing all travelers to pass through the town.

O Monte da Coelha

A traditional old “Monte” (mount or small hill) with a history of rabbit breeding and later sheep farming, pig rearing and olive groves.  The vegetable garden is now the paddock; the slate pig sty was demolished to make way for the tennis court/football pitch: the old rainwater tank, once used for irrigation, still exists but as a children’s pool. The slate ruins from the donkey stables and storage tanks provided the raised platform for the new main pool, and lastly the shepherds hut and goat pens were turned into a bungalow with the original outline and some of the stone floors.
Anything that could be recycled became part of the present reality. See the locations in detail here.