Racing Pigeon Center Monte da Coelha

Like all good stories from the Alentejo, ours is one of companions; the latest phase in a family of pigeon fanciers, the Robalo family.  First came António, then his son Luís also in love with pigeons, who followed in his footsteps. Joining them came Pedro, still a child at the time but even now as a grown up, fascinated by the pigeon’s ability to home from any place or distance.
After 40 years the pigeon loft in Lisbon became incompatible with city life.  Luís e o Pedro were forced to move the champions out of Lisbon in a hurry. They came to Redondo in the Alentejo, at first in precarious conditions, but always proving their worth.

40 years of experience and results

The winning experience runs deep in the veins of our champion pigeons, that is why they are Racing pigeons.
First the young pigeons arrived, then the breeders. In their first year competing in the Sociedade Columbófila Asas Redondenses, where we were wonderfully received, and with a reduced number of 30 pigeons due to the hurried move, the results speak for themselves: 1st place gold ring for young pigeons, 1st place gold ring for speed, 2nd place silver ring for young pigeons speed, 2nd place for general speed and 3rd place bronze ring for Half middle distance. Expectations for the future are high.

The best conditions

Estão de novo Once again the conditions are ideal for raising breeding standards and creating better post pigeons, the fruit of much hard work, humility and desire. As well as investment, investigation, wisdom, and even a little luck!
The original breeding lines, so carefully chosen, continue to be the oldest; Fabry, Ècaillé, Tonecas, Simon, Elloys e Cells. In a second phase the Belgians from Chico, Álvaro Silva, Dr. Barros Madeira amongst others, were added. Our third international phase, attentive to the qualities needed to breed champions, we added stock from Janssen de Arendonk, Gaby Vandenabeele, De Saer Antoine & Rudi, Cools Blanche, Rick Cools, Lucien Van Denbonche, Van Hove - Uytterhoeven, Nouwen Paesen, Louis Van Loon, G. Koopman Van Lest Peeters, Patrick & Guido Claes amongst others.
Here are the results of 40 years of pigeon fancying experience, available to us and to the most demanding pigeon fanciers.
Let the champions come.